III Meeting of Muslim Women in Seville

On Saturday 19th of March the third meeting of Spanish Muslim women will be celebrated in Seville, organized by the Islamic Cultural Center of Seville.

The theme of the talk at the third meeting will be:

¨The organization and functioning of the government and society under the Ottoman Empire¨

All Muslim women and those who are interested in Islam are invited to the event.


  • 10h – First conference.
  • 10.45h – Coffee.
  • 11.30h – Second conference.
  • 14h – Salat Duhur.
  • 14.30h – Lunch and coffee.
  • 17.30h – Salat Asr.
  • 18h – Discussion and conclusions.
  • 19.45h – Salat Magrib.
  • 20h – Night of Dhikr and dinner.

Whoever is interested in attending please contact Hajj Atika Jimenez.               Tlf. 658 75 30 60.