Participation in the TV program ‘Into Janna’ with Oki Setiana Dewi for Astro TV

Ibrahim Hernández, president of the Seville Mosque Foundation and Luqman Nieto, vice president, participated in a program presented by Oki Setiana Dewi, ustadha, television presenter, influencer and businesswoman from Indonesia. The program, entitled ‘Into Janna’ and recorded for Malaysian television Astro TV, shows different places and communities of Muslims in Europe.

Oki Setiana Dewi participated in the campaign ‘A Tile For Seville 2’ which was released in 2017. This campaign brought together various artists and celebrities from different countries and we recorded with them a tour of Spain where they discovered the past and the future of the Muslims in this country. The objective of this campaign was that, through the eyes of these artists, people saw the desire and the need to build a Mosque in Seville.

Oki Setiana interviewed both members of the foundation on the situation of the Muslims in Spain and on the project of the mosque for the program that she now shooting and takes place in the city of Cordoba and Medina Al Zahra.

We are very grateful for the constant support we receive from so many people in Malaysia and Indonesia and we hope to reciprocate the hospitality we received when we visited these countries.