Resumption of Classes for New Muslims and People interested in Islam

On November 19 classes resume for new Muslims and people interested in Islam at the headquarters of the Seville Mosque Foundation in Plaza Ponce de León nº9. Those interested may come to the mosque any day between the prayers of maghrib and isha at the end of the recitation of the Hizb of Quran. Hajj Abdelghani Melara will be in charge of the classes, which format changes this year, being personalized classes attending to the number of attendees and their doubts or needs, so they will not have a pre-established content.

A WhatsApp group will also be enabled to answer the questions of those who cannot attend classes or for any matter related to the classes.

For those who need it, a pdf file will also be available with all the necessary information for the new Muslims or people interested in Islam, Coranes translated into Spanish and various material with information regarding Islam, all this totally free.