Umar Bermejo participates in the 14 international ‘huffadh’ competition in Toronto, Canada

Toronto Qur’an Competition, with the grace of Allah, is an organization focused on doing good and serving the Noble Qur’an of Allah, with hopes of encouraging the younger generation to be people of this enlightening Book, whilst strengthening the practice of its noble manner. The prestigious Toronto Qur’an Competition intends to revive the community’s relationship with the Noble Book of Allah.

Umar Bermejo, from Seville, has participated in the 14th edition of this prestigious international memorization competition of the Quran. Umar Bermejo has also participated in other similar competitions that have taken place in Kuala Lumpur or Dubai.

The memorization of the Quran is an arduous and necessary task in all communities and which benefits are incalculable. It is a ‘fard kifayyah’, an obligation of the whole community that if a part of it fulfil it the rest are exempt, but if nobody carries it out, the whole community is responsible for it being done. For this reason, and for the immense value that those who have memorized the Qur’an offer to the community, it is necessary that each and every one of us is aware of the effort and dedication that this youth dedicates to this noble task and that we do everything possible to honour and help them.