Acquisition of the current Mosque Categories: FUNDACION Timelines: Mezquita

In July 2020, the Seville Mosque Foundation bought the premises, the current mosque, where we have been since the beginning of 2000 in the center of Seville. This building was originally purchased by Oumar Kanoute, through his foundation, in 2007, when we were tenants and were going to be forcibly evicted.

The board of trustees of the Seville Mosque Foundation decided to make this purchase after much consideration and advice, for various reasons. One, the annual savings for the Foundation for the contributions made to the Kanoute Foundation; that it will benefit all those who have already contributed to the construction of the mosque, with the ibadah performed in it on a daily basis; avoid the custodial commission of banks of 0.5% per year established during the pandemic; also for being a safer place to store the amanah received and possibly an investment when the time comes to sell; At best, we will continue to use this mosque for a few years until land can be purchased and the construction of the new mosque is finished; at this point it can be sold to use the funds for construction or, if not needed, it can be used as a source of income, awqaf, for the new mosque. InshaAllah