Presentation of the TV series ´Air Mata di Bumi Matador´ Categories: CAMPAÑAS

Yesterday the official presentation of the TV series ´Air Mata di Bumi Matador´ took place at the headquarters of FINAS, the national film institute of Malaysia. The presentation was attended by guests Luqman Nieto and Muhsin Sierra on behalf of the Seville Mosque Foundation.

The series has as its narrative thread the trip of a Malaysian girl to Spain after a love tragedy. She in Spain she meets native Muslims who are building a mosque in the city of Seville and decides to help them. Ibrahim Hernández, president of the Seville Mosque Foundation, makes a cameo explaining the project.

The idea for the series arose from a visit by one of the production companies during the recording of a very successful documentary series called ´Hola Spain´, who have just finished filming their second edition of the travel documentary in Spain. In the first edition we had the opportunity to be interviewed and to publicize the project of the Islamic Cultural Center, Mosque and Waqf of Seville.

Today we celebrate that on May 30, 2018, 8.30pm local time, the series will premiere in Malaysia.

During the presentation, which was attended by the director of TV2 Malaysia, as well as other personalities, actors and actresses and the public, Farid Khaleeque Ahmad, director of Nafalia Corporation, the production company that has taken over the production of this series , presented a check for 5000 RM to Luqman Nieto, vice president of the Seville Mosque Foundation, who also addressed a word of thanks to all those involved in the project and to all those present.

The production company made an appeal through the media present, for those who want to support the project may do so through the NGOs with which the Fundación Mezquita de Sevilla works in Malaysia; Ukhwah 4 Ummah and Projek Mosque. In the credits of each chapter there is a dedicated page with all the necessary data.

The presentation concluded with the breaking of the fast and the Maghrib prayer, after which the delegation from the Seville Mosque Foundation also had the opportunity to attend various media.