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With Uztaz Bahtiar Nasir, AQL Islamic Center, Jakarta, Indonesia

A real pleasure to be able to meet with Ustadz Bahtiar Nasir, and even more to have the privilege of having him present as ambassador at the inauguration of the #ATileForSeville campaign on Friday, April 28th in Jakarta, Indonesia. Uztaz Bahtiar Nasir is President of various organizations, movements, associations and recently recognized for his appointment by all ulama of Indonesia to head …

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With Uztaz Yusuf Mansur at the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, Indonesia

Alhamdulil-lah! We were totally overwhelmed by the incredible reception event at the Central Mosque in Jakarta, Istiqlal, on Sunday, April 23rd. We are overwhelmed by the energy, knowledge and tremendous generosity of Uztaz Yusuf Mansur, for the surprising participation of thousands of Muslims, a Sunday at 8 o’clock in the morning!!! And for the generosity, care and concern of all …

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Reception in the Indonesian Parliament, Jakarta

The delegation of the Seville Mosque Foundation was received today in the Parliament of Indonesia by Pak Fahri Hamza, Vice-President of Parliament, on a visit to this country in order to strengthen the ties and to obtain support from the Government, Parliament and the people of Indonesia for the Islamic Cultural Center, Mosque and Awqaf of Seville. With this visit, …

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